María was born in Argentina in 1974 into a family of 4 siblings. From a very young age, she got used to travelling around the world and living in different cities, as his father was a diplomat. New York was the city where she lived the longest, until the moment when, at the age of seventeen and after a nomad life, she returned to Buenos Aires, studied Political Science and formally started her career as a model. She worked for Ricardo Piñeiro’s agency and it was with this agency that she took part in a wide variety of campaigns and fashion shows for the most important brands both in Argentina and the world.

Since then, she has built a solid career as a model and show hostess, participating in advertising campaigns and television programs, in which she has stood out as an interviewer.
Her greatest strength: the family she formed with her husband, the number 1 Argentine polo player, Adolfo Cambiaso. Mother of three children, with whom she shares a cosmopolitan lifestyle and her love for the countryside.

Today she is internationally recognized as an Argentine polo and Latin beauty icon.