With María’s own personal touch and style together with artists and entrepreneurs she looks up to, she has forged valuable alliances. Unique pieces she identifies with. Genuine and noble materials with an identity that balance both elegance and simplicity.


By María Vazquez

The two fragrances emerged from a proposal of the company Shop Gallery with the aim of evoking a woman that represents both a romantic style for daytime and a glamorous one for the evening. In this way, María made her dream of creating unique products that celebrate that individuality come true.

Mon Ame

The name comes from French and it means “my soul”. This fragrance is dedicated to romantic women, with a delicate design in the shades of pink and a fresh and feminine scent. Of a classic style, Mon Ame is soft, with rose, orange blossom, jasmine and iris notes, combined with vanilla and tonka bean.


This fragrance captures the elegance of a challenging woman in a bottle that reminds us of that glamorous figure. Its straight lines bring to mind the architecture of London, which served as an inspiration for it. It is a perfume with a luminous floral scent. A beautiful and vibrant blend of flowers, fruit, leaves and wood.


100% linen

Lanhtropy is a clothing brand, based in Miami, with which María has been related to for several years. Looking for an image of a sophisticated, self-reliant and feminine woman, with a free and active lifestyle, Maria has been summoned to be the face of Lanhtropy and works in association with the brand as its ambassador in Argentina. With its romantic and minimalistic clothes, every campaign shows the flexibility of the time we live in. In its collections, linen is always present, with designs that exhibit both simple lines and a soft color palette that makes its designs always fashionable.


Jewels by Mariana Rocco and María Vazquez

After having worked together, Mariana chose María for a jewelry business venture that identifies both of them. These two authentic women who love art created a capsule collection in which María brings her essence to several pieces of jewelry. The result: pieces made in silver and stone, with an original contrast between sophistication and rustic simplicity. An urban style that merges country tradition with its materials and elements, such as gates and chains.
Thanks to this singular combination, each piece is an invitation to shine in a wide array of occasions.